Welcome! My name is Ben Jones, I am a licensed architect, artist, and designer working in Los Angeles, New York, and London, UK. 

I received my B.Arch from the Cornell University School of Architecture and have worked at a variety of global architecture firms, including Robert A.M. Stern Architects, Gensler, and 10 Design. My experience working at these firms focused mostly on large-scale cultural institutions and super-high-end multi-family residential, with forays into single family homes, commercial office towers, and gaming and casino ventures. After years of working on large scale projects, I am now working at a humanistic scale. My current projects include single family homes in Los Angeles and Sonoma County, California. 

Beyond my built and professional work, my art and speculative designs focus on the social, cultural, and psychoanalytical implications of the built environment and the impact of narrative spaces on the human condition. My work centers around the expression and creation of ritual through spatial intervention, with an emphasis on understanding how common or collective experiences affect cultural identity and societal norms. 

My methodology is informed by the lessons I have learned from my experiences as an active and critical observer of the world. I have lived in London, New York, Rome, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Los Angeles, and Boston, Massachusetts; being a cultural observer has enriched my ability to communicate visually in different architectural and design languages. Although it may seem that my educational and professional career has followed a strict path, I am most at home when forging my own way, exploring, and innovating; as a result, my work lies in the liminal space between following the rules and breaking them. 

I believe unanticipated wonders can be found in attempting to create the impossible and unprecedented within limitations and rulesets — to be both and neither, rather than one and the other. Whatever the scale of the project, I bring a thoughtful consideration of the present user, existing contexts, and a future legacy, while working rigorously to mitigate ecological impacts. 

On the home page you will find the following links: 
Professional site: BRCJ Designs
Here, you can view a selection of my completed and in-progress architecture, interior, and spatial design work, as well as get in contact regarding a prospective architecture or design project. 

Speculative Portfolio: Earthly Pleasures 
Here, you can view my speculative, theoretical, and artistic projects. The site includes work completed during my time at Cornell, theoretical papers, competition entries, and artwork. 

Sustainable Design Blog: Noble Domus 
Here, you can engage with my curated content from around the web regarding sustainable design, ranging from architectural innovations to eco-friendly products and get in touch to schedule a personal or professional sustainability consultation. 
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